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Stainless steel in appliance and machinery engineering

When it comes to the design, construction and manufacturing of appliances, devices or machines in the kitchen, bathroom, household in general, gastronomy, medical technology or in many other areas of industry, an ever-increasing number of customers are using stainless steel as their material of choice.

This ideal and fascinating material has become indispensable in many areas due to its unique properties, both in terms of function (corrosion resistance and others) and in terms of attractive appearance and feel.

Therefore, we would like to take a closer look at the topic of "stainless steel in appliance and machine construction" and inform you more about it:

Stainless steel machinery: coffee machines and more

In contrast to steel, aluminium and other metals, stainless steel not only impresses with its properties such as corrosion resistance, durability or chemical resistance.

It is easily mechanically deformable during production and processing, but also during assembly, and can be easily welded.

Stainless steel consists of up to 80 % recycled material and is 100 % recyclable.

In addition, the high-quality and exclusive appearance of the material and other functional attributes of the metal play a decisive role in the design and purchase decision.

In this context, the coffee machine does not tend to stand for the applications of general machinery and mechanical engineering, special machinery and mechanical engineering or plant engineering, but is then found in the next paragraph among kitchen appliances.

Effectively suitable stainless steel appliances of the highest quality

If the customer also looks around in the area of "appliance construction" at the appliances, machines, apparatus and components offered, which are made of the stainless steels AISI 430, AISI 304, AISI 316 and others, the applications of modern stainless steel surfaces in appliance construction and machinery engineering are just as varied as the numerous, individual stainless steel surfaces themselves:

A large number of manufacturing companies and their partners use stainless steel, in example for parts of refrigerators, cookers, grills, and for other kitchen appliances such as coffee machines, toasters and the like, but also for medical-technical, analytical devices, apparatus and fittings in the biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical, measuring and laboratory technology, packaging, cleanroom and air-conditioning technology, cleaning, semiconductor, food-processing and chemical industries.

mirrorINOX: Stainless steel materials for machinery engineering and equipment manufacturing of the best quality

mirrorINOX's customers are market leaders and pioneers in their industries. This is where our surfaces are increasingly used and applied.

Therefore, it is not only about the expert sheet metal processing of the material stainless steel at the highest quality and efficiency level. We also provide both proven and new innovative solutions in stainless steel, created with a lot of experience and great know-how.

Across all industries, the products manufactured and services offered by mirrorINOX meet the highest quality standards, in terms of processes, machinery and equipment.

You can find out more about our various stainless steel surface treatments, from mirrorpolishing, Ra-polishing, brushing, bead blasting, pattern rolling, fluid forming, PVD/TiN-coating to nanoINOX® AntiFingerPrint/Easy-To-Clean-coating and many others.

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