Fluid Forming Finishes

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Fluid forming stainless steel by mirrorINOX

In the field of architecture, product design and other industries, new creative solutions are constantly being sought in order to create an attractive, exclusive and unique forming of different metal materials.

The fluid forming surfaces from mirrorINOX, also sometimes not quite correctly called "Hydroforming", "Hydroforming stainless steel" or "Hydroforming aluminum", are manufactured using a highly progressive, innovative and complex process of 3D fluid technology.

This forming technology sets new standards in the forming of metal and in the production of metallic structured surfaces, both in terms of aesthetics and design, as well as to the advantages relating to statics, acoustics and sun protection properties.

What is Fluid Forming?

With this technology, sheets are pressed with the help of a liquid under high pressure onto an individually manufactured tool. This processing is possible using an extremely powerful press, which was originally developed for forming processes in the automotive industry.

Where are fluid forming surfaces used?

The innovative and sustainable surfaces are used in architecture, for example as facade panels or ceiling and wall cladding in indoor and outdoor areas.

They can also be found more and more frequently in the fields of shop-fitting and exhibition-building, ship and yacht construction, but also for applications in product design and art.

In addition to their unique, visually attractive properties, the formed sheets have high strength and reduce the weight of the components through the use of thinner thicknesses.

mirrorINOX: Fluid Forming from aluminum to stainless steel

From the number of all already designed tools and the resulting structures in connection with the most diverse surface finishes based on stainless steel such as Super Mirror No. 8, BEADS, VIBES, SATIN, HAIRLINE, but also with alternative, cold-formable materials such as aluminum, copper, steel, titanium, etc., combined with colors and coatings such as PVD / TiN, nanoINOX® and others, mirrorINOX offers a unique and almost limitless number of combinations and design options.

Depending on the tool and material, a production of dimensions up to 4,000 x 2,000 mm is possible.

Of course, all this in the well-known mirrorINOX quality and delivery reliability.

As your competent partner for new solutions and designs, we support you in the realization of your drafts and ideas and together with you we want to push the limits of what was previously possible further and further.