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The term blasting is defined as the surface treatment of a material or workpiece using blasting agents. The injector/venturi blaster mirrorINOX uses is particularly suitable for achieving uniform, homogeneous surfaces. The roughness, the degree of gloss, and the visual impression provide a basis for inspection checks.


Width: 0 – 2050 mm
Length: 0 – 6000 mm
Hight / thickness: 0.5 – 30 mm


Rust-free stainless steel

  Blasting agents

Glass beads (from very fine to coarse)
Cullet (from very fine to coarse)
Ceramic beads (from very fine to coarse)
White corundum (from very fine to coarse)
Silicon (from very fine to coarse)

  Special features

Option of design for one or both sides. Effect blastings are possible, such as blasting for levelling in any manner, or circulating blastings for frame elements. Sufficient production capacity guarantees the fastest possible delivery service.

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