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During the INCO process, or INCO-dyeing, the natural, chromium oxide passive layer which gives stainless steel its corrosion resistance is built up to a greater thickness with a chemical process. The dyeing effect is produced by the interference of light in the passive layer.

The layer thickness is between 0.02 µm and 0.36 μm. Different colours can arise depending on how this is built up.

The dyeing effect is crucially dependent upon the base material, the base surface, the lighting conditions, and the viewing angle.


Width: 0 – 1250 mm
Length: 0 – 4000 mm
Hight / thickness: 0.5 – 200 mm


Rust-free stainless steel


deep black

  Base surface

All variations are possible in this respect, i.e.

Work surface 2B, 2R
Ground (brushed lengthwise, cross section grinding, vibration grinding, cross-hatch, hairline)
Polished (industry polish no. 7, high gloss polish no. 8)
Patterned, pattern rolled (leather, linen, diamond, checked, 5 WL, 6 WL, 7 WL, etc.)
Blasted (from very fine to coarse)

  Special features

Option of design for one or both sides.

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