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Mirror Polishing

During mechanical polishing the surface is stripped and smoothed by the polishing carrier in conjunction with polishing agents. Different results (grades) can be achieved depending on the base material, base surface, and working phase. The roughness, the degree of gloss, and the visual impression provide a basis for inspection checks.

Multiple polishing machines enable mirrorINOX to have a high production depth, various surface finishes, and sufficient capacity.


Width: 0 – 4000 mm
Length: 0 – 16,000 mm
Hight / thickness: 0.5 – 50 mm


Austenitic rust-free stainless steel

 Forms / Geometries

Pipes rectangular, square
Flat materials


Rust-free stainless steel, industrial-polished directionless, no.7
Glossy/mirror polished, no. 8 (Super Mirror 2P)
Glossy/mirror polished, no. 10 (Perfect Mirror)
Brass, bright rolled, high gloss polish
Aluminium, bright rolled, high gloss polish

  Special features

Option of design for one or both sides. High inventories and sufficient production capacity guarantee the fastest possible delivery service. Modern special equipment also allows us to mirror polish mold parts (e.g. housings, finished parts) up to a height of 50 mm as well as material edges and flat materials.

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