mirrorINOX polishes stainless steel sheets with custom build polishing lines using various means and medias, i. e. circular-grinding polishers
for No. 8, No. 9 and No. 10.
Different grades and qualities of mirror polished finishes can be achieved depending on the raw material, base finish, polishing techniques and time frames.
Roughness, degree of gloss and the visual impression are constantly controlled through inspections and define the result in quality.
With a number of multi-functional polishing lines mirrorINOX is capable of a high production depth, a variety of surface finishes and sufficient capacity. 
In 2017 the world`s largest polishing line went into production, being able to polish unique to dimensions of up to 16,000 x 4,000 x 300 mm in unmatched high quality.



The term “blasting” stands for a surface treatment of material or prefabricated parts using blasting media.
The injector/venturi blasting line mirrorINOX uses is particularly suitable for achieving uniform, homogeneous surfaces.
The criteria to define the finish required are the grade of roughness, the degree of gloss and the visual impression.


vibrationsschliff f5f8c2395e37e9b133e26b2d20b3acfe

During the process of mechanical polishing, the surface of the material is partly removed and smoothened by various polishing mediums with different parameters applied by a number of polishing machines.
Vibration finish is also known as Rotation Polish, Angel Hair, excenter polish, Wirrwarr Schliff or non-directional polish.
Vibration finish will provide a non-directional, matt and even surface.
The polishing lines of mirrorINOX is one of the most modern and efficient in the world, offering a vast range of variations in details of polish, superb quality and capacities compatible to produce for even the largest facade projects.
The criteria to define the finish required are the grade of roughness, the degree of gloss and the visual impression.

Pulido por vibración / Angel hair


During the process of mechanical polishing, the surface of the material is partly removed, respectively levelled and smoothened by various polishing mediums and the use of different parameters depending on the requirements of the customer.
Architects and designers are looking for an optical surface, customized or with a “perfect” finish.
Customers from industries with the highest standards are in demand of functional for instance with extreme low Ra-values.
The inspection criteria to define and approve the finish are based on the grade of roughness, the degree of gloss and the visual impression.


Super Mirror No. 8 Gold TiN

The PVD / TiN process is used to coat surfaces such as large dimensioned sheets using ARC evaporation, which evaporates the solid, so-called target, via an electric arc. By utilizing suitable reactive gases, different temperatures and other machinery parameters, a chemical compound of metal and non-metal is applied onto the sheet (or workpiece).  Our own, state-of-the-art coating plant with a very experienced team of staff members produces a range of fascinating colours.

  • LAB-colour-values of each sheet are recorded, thus maximum reproducibility
  • Coating possible on face and reverse side
  • Various basic finishes are possible, also perforated material and coating face plus reverse side
  • Sufficient production capacities guarantee the fastest possible delivery

Revestimiento de PVD / TiN

Green nanoINOX

With its newly developed product range of nanoINOX® coated finishes, based on Sol-Gel-technology, mirrorINOX is offering alternatives with nearly indefinitive possibilities of designs and colours combined with unique properties and functions.

By integrating a number of different elements into the coating, mirrorINOX is able to control properties such as colour, hardness, thermal stability, chemical and corrosion resistance, transparency and workability/ formability.

Additionally to the vast choice of colours and finishes, the nanoINOX® coating offers excellent attributes in regards to Easy-To-Clean (ETC), AntiFingerPrint (AFP).

Even further technically advanced features such as antibacterial function or electrical insulation are possible.


Cheetah SM RoseGold TiN

Eco-Etching is an eco-friendly process that applies etched designs to stainless steel without the use of acids, chemicals or hazardous without producing any toxic waste.
Available for stainless steel and other metals.


hammered4klein f4b382bec1a6c52e13dd90d8dd8ec3e1

The Fluid Forming surfaces are manufactured by using the latest forming process called "3D Fluid Technology".

This highly sophisticated and most modern technology crosses new fronteers when it comes to structured, patterned metal – not only in terms of aesthetics and designs, but also in regards to static, acoustic and sun protective properities.

An almost unlimited choice of structures are possible by creating and engineering matching tools.

Using vast numbers of stainless steel based finishes as well as raw materials such as aluminium, copper, steel, titanium, etc. plus colours and coating processes creates an infinite choice of possibilities for architects and designers.

mirrorINOX is your ideal partner for new solutions and design options, giving you the support to make your design ideas come true, resulting in the creation of unique and unprecedented surfaces.

Fluid Forming

6WL Deep Blue nanoINOX® 1

Using the process of embossing (one-sided rolled) or pattern rolling (two-sided rolled), a pattern is rolled into the sheets with the aim to create visually attractive surfaces.
Additionally to the increase of visual attractivity, the pattern rolling of stainless steel results also in a higher rigidity and opitical flatness.

Laminado / Laminado mediante rodillo