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With its newly developed product range of nanoINOX® coated finishes, based on Sol-Gel-technology, mirrorINOX is offering alternatives with nearly indefinite possibilities of designs and colours combined with unique, most advanced properties and functions.

By integrating a number of different elements into the coating, mirrorINOX is able to control properties such as colour, hardness, thermal stability, chemical and corrosion resistance, transparency and plasticity/deformability.

Additionally to the vast choice of colours and finishes, the nanoINOX® coating offers excellent attributes in regards to Easy-to-Clean (ETC), Antifingerprint (AFP) and lotus effect.

Even further technically advanced features such as antibacterial function or electrical insulation are possible.


CLEAR nanoINOX® (transparent)
Champagne Classique nanoINOX®
Gold-Rosé nanoINOX®
Black nanoINOX®
White nanoINOX®

Base Finishes before nanoINOX®-Coating

Near all variations are possible, i.e.
Mill-finishes 2B and BA,
Polished (qualities)*
Grit-polished (photos, qualities)*
Blasted (qualities)* 
Patterned (qualities)*
Fluid Forming (qualities)*


Width:       max. 1,500 mm
Length:      max. 6,000 mm
Thickness: 0.5 – 6.0 mm


Austenitic stainless steel
AISI 430            - 1.4016
AISI 304            - 1.4301
AISI 316/ 316L   - 1.4401/1.4404
AISI 316L          - 1.4435
AISI 2205          - 1.4462
AISI 316Ti         - 1.4571


  • nanoINOX®-Coating can be applied on face- and reverse-side
  • Project related customized designs and colours are possible (subject to quantities)

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