1 mm stainless steel sheets

1 mm stainless steel sheets and plates

For good reasons, stainless steel sheets are one of the most sought-after steel products on the market.

1 mm thick stainless steel sheets are a very popular type of steel sheets. These are quite thin plates obtained by hot or cold rolling of highly corrosion-resistant steel in accordance with the applicable standards.

There is a large variety of these very thin inox sheets and plates available depending on:

  • The production method (hot-rolled or cold-rolled production)
  • The steel grade (steel alloy)
  • The surface treatment method (polishing, bead-blasting, pattern rolling, etc.)
  • Additional coatings (both decorative and protective).

Our 1 mm stainless steel sheets at a glance

mirrorINOX offers a great range of in-house manufactured surfaces based on 1 mm stainless steel sheets and plates, in particular, the following finishes:

  • Polished / mirror polished in qualities Super Mirror No. 8, Marine Mirror No. 9, Perfect Mirror No. 10® and others, both on one and both sides
  • PVD/TiN-coated, also on both sides
  • nanoINOX®-coated AFP/ETC (AntiFingerPrint/ Easy-To-Clean), also on both sides
  • Bead-blasted
  • Grit-polished / brushed
  • Vibration-polished
  • Fluid formed / hydroformed
  • Pattern rolled and embossed rolled
  • And many other standard and customized sheets

Our stainless steel plates are available in the following most common material grades:

  • AISI 304 (V2A or X5CrNi18-10),
  • AISI 316 (V4A or X2 CrNiMo 17-12-2).

Alongside these, we also offer 1 mm inox sheets in other rarer grades and materials, such as:

  • AISI 430 (1.4016),
  • AISI 316L (1.4435),
  • AISI 316Ti (1.4571),
  • AISI 254SMO (1.4547),
  • 1.4462 (Duplex),
  • Hastelloy®,
  • And others

All these alloys are also available in other thicknesses, such as 2 mm stainless steel sheets for instance, and a variety of dimensions. In our modern, state-of-the-art production facility in Cleebronn, Germany, we are able to manufacture orders at short notice and have an extensive stock of finished products.

Our pricing policy

The cost of 1 mm stainless steel sheets depends on both their surface finish and size, which come in standard

  • 1.000 x 2.000 mm,
  • 1.250 x 2.500 mm,
  • 1.500 x 3.000 mm
  • And others customized and rarer dimensions.

We offer a flexible pricing policy to our customers and try to meet all requirements at the best possible price.

Applications for these thin stainless steel sheets

Inox sheets can last for decades whereas other metals would rust or deteriorate in a short time.

The comparatively low thickness of 1 mm plates allows for a reasonable price, and the light weight makes them easy to stack and transport, as well as facilitates cutting, treatment, fabrication, and installation.

Due to these unique properties, these thin inox sheets are used in many industries. The main consumers of this material are in the following branches:

  • Construction and architecture (ideal for façades, wall and roof cladding, elevators and escalators fabrication and cladding)
  • Chemical and food industries
  • Shopfitting and furniture fabrication
  • Yacht and marine applications
  • Machinery production
  • Artwork (an almost infinite variety of designs, patterns and colours of 1 mm sheets gives free rein to the artist’s imagination)
  • And many more

mirrorINOX is your supplier for 1 mm stainless steel sheets

mirrorINOX can deservingly be considered one of the leaders in the metal surface treatment industry. The many years of experience and competence of our team are another guarantee of high product quality.

When it comes to custom 1 mm thick sheets in all designs and sizes (e.g., even 4’x10’, 8’x4’, etc.), feel free to contact us for advice. To see possible surface variations and designs, please check our product page.