"In memory of"

October 2021

On 19 September 2021, this most extraordinary memorial, the "National Holocaust Memorial of Names" was inaugurated in Amsterdam.

This monument consists of four huge letters made of mirror-polished stainless steel, which mean "In memory of" in Hebrew.

It has been a real challenge for the mirrorINOX team and their partner in the BeNeLux, Van Geenen B.V. to mirrorpolish 12 m (!) long stainless steel sheets with a thickness of 6.0 mm and a total quantity of almost 2000 square metres to the quality level of Super Mirror No. 8!

More about the project and more pictures can be found on our website and on the website of our partner Van Geenen, who with his vast know-how and long experience was together with AIP Partners also responsible for the finishing and installation of the overdimensioned stainless steel elements on site in the Netherlands.

We are proud and pleased to be part of this unique project!