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PVD-coating / TiN-coating for small parts and construction parts by mirrorINOX

We are receiving more and more inquiries to colour or coat small and construction parts made of stainless steel in addition to sheet metal. Such requests come from architecture and many branches of industry such as shipbuilding, yacht construction and shopfitting and others.

Particularly in cases where the required parts have a complex geometry and cannot be made from previously coated sheet metal, the fabricators need a solution with which the parts can be coloured after their production and thus a visually more appealing product will be created.

We offer the optimal solution for such requirements – our high-quality PVD/TiN-coating for small and construction parts. You can find out more about PVD-coating technology on our page here.

Applications of the PVD/TiN-coated small parts

Using the PVD/TiN-process, small and structural parts can be coated for a wide variety of applications:

  • decorative stainless steel elements in architecture,
  • elevator parts such as handrails and fittings,
  • stainless steel parts in shipbuilding and yacht building,
  • stainless steel elements in shopfitting,
  • stainless steel elements for lavatory facilities,
  • home solutions, such as light switches, intercoms, etc.,
  • furniture fittings,
  • decorative elements for catering, kitchens and household appliances,
  • door handles, locks and fittings,
  • screws, nuts, bolts, etc.
  • and much more.

The aesthetic, very high-quality appearance that parts get through the PVD/TiN-process is equally popular among architects, interior architects and designers and is increasingly in demand.

Colour variety of PVD/TiN-coatings for small parts by mirrorINOX

mirrorINOX offers a range of PVD/TiN-colours that include those already known in the industry as well as those that we have recently developed and specially created for specific customers:

  • Champagne-TiN
  • Gold-TiN
  • Brass-TiN
  • Rose Gold-TiN
  • Bronze-TiN
  • Chrome-TiN
  • Black-TiN
  • Rainbow-TiN

As you can see in the pictures on this website, we have performed a large number of different parts in our PVD/TiN-coating line in various colours.

Among the many interesting applications, we would like to draw your attention to a very unique example from the field of artworks:

These stainless steel bells, coated by mirrorINOX in Chrome-TiN, Rainbow-TiN, Rose Gold-TiN and Gold-TiN colours, are part of a captivating art installation. From the pictures presented, you can see what additional effect a high-quality coating gives.

Technical characteristics of PVD/TiN-coating and requirements for small parts to be coated

mirrorINOX has a state-of-the-art PVD/TiN-coating line of the latest generation, specially designed according to our requirements. The maximum dimensions of parts, depending though on their geometry and surfaces to be coated, that we can cover in this production line are as follows:


approx. 1,650 mm
approx. 400 mm
approx. 300 mm

The possibility of coating parts of other non-standard sizes, as well as other issues regarding the coating, are to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Certain requirements apply to all parts that we accept for PVD/TiN-coating.

In this high-tech process, which is carried out with great care and precision, aspects such as surface quality, cleanliness and packaging of parts are critical to the result. You find more detailed information here.

Coating small parts by mirrorINOX - our offer

If you have any questions about whether and how we can improve your small and construction parts using our PVD/TiN-coating technology, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are pleased to offer you professional advice and our products and services in the field of surface treatment.

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